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Fri, Oct. 22nd, 2010, 09:58 pm

yeah so still neglecting LJ .... Still caught up on FB. truthfully at this point I only check LJ to keep up with certain friends, anyways, for those wondering about me....

Chloe is 15 months old now. shes doing great. Alexis is in pre-k, turns out she has some issues and the school is putting her in special ed. she has oversensitivity to light and sound and she has socialization developmental issues. she tested crazy smart though, 6th grade english comp level!!!

Otherwise same shit different day basically.

Wed, Sep. 16th, 2009, 10:08 pm

I have been seriously neglecting my LJ..... been to caught up in facebook I guess...


Chloe is doing good, but is now on formula, as with Alexis, I dried up. We did all the herbs and stuff to increase milk production to no avail and then resorted to prescription meds ( which I have another story about to come later in this post....) but It's over. Damn Terry and his genes!!!! (both my babies were born with recessed chins which prevents them from being able to latch to feed at the boob naturally... a trait from HIS side) Chloe is starting to respond now, she follows people with her eyes . Its really odd to me how insainly different my kids are as infants. Alexis slept all night, she was very physically strong never needed neck support, held her bottle up herself at 2 weeks old, was rolling over and pushing up when lying on belly all by 1 month old. Chloe does NONE of that. she's six weeks and is now just beginning to gain neck control and holding her head up she cant push up at all and doesn't roll yet not even the half roll they start with when they get to their side but not all the way over.... however Chloe is doing stuff lexi wasn't doing till much later, she is mimicking motions and tries to mimic simple stuff like sticking out her tongue or smiling, Lexi couldn't stick out her tongue till she was almost 5 months old and didn't really smile till about 3 months. Alexis is very smart, but I honestly think Chloe is gonna be the "smart" one and Lexi is gonna be the "brute". based on their infancys thus far, Chloe just seems to be developing mentally much quicker whereas lexi developed physically much quicker.

Chloe doesn't sleep well shes up every three hours but I am coping. Lexi is an awesome big sister. she says Chloe is her baby, she feeds her, burps her, tries to change diapers although shes usually more in the way with that one..... She wants to be a part of everything. she even sings lullabies to her sister. When Chloe is crying Lexi is the first one there to comfort her, rocking her, running her fingers through her hair, whispering to her " It's OK baby, no cry, I love you, big sister's here, I'll take care of you" ( seriously its the most heart warming thing to watch as a mother) She even knows Chloe's cries better then we do. Chloe will be fussing and we'll be preping a bottle, She'll tell us " no ba-ba mommy, Chloe no want her milk, she want her binky "..... the funny thing is 99% of the time shes exactly right.

Lexi is getting big! shes wearing hand me downs from a 7 year old who lives next door. Shes in size 4's in pants but wears 5's and six's mostly too for her tops. she's not chunky per say but she is stocky. I'm looking into starting her in beginners dance and gymnastics classes soon I want to start her in something physical young to make sure shes getting enough excersize. I want my kids to learn healthier habits then I was brought up with and give them a better chance at good health as adults.

Oh the prescription thing I was talking about. So, a drug they prescribe for increasing breast milk production is Reglan, its what they gave me with lexi and what I just recently was taking with Chloe as well. Around the time I was on it with Lexi I was having seizures, they stopped around the time I stopped taking the medication, but I didn't put that together cause at the time my neurologist told me it was more then likely due to my diabetes cause he couldn't find any other explanation. Plus I started new med's for the diabetes soon after and the seizures never came back. he knew I was on Reglan but it wasn't a known side effect. So tonight i was watching TV and there's a class action law suit against the makers of Reglan, because its just recently been found to cause *drum roll please* Seizures! I'm calling the # tomorrow to see if I have any kind of case.

well that's all that up with me for now. I'll post again when I have something to say I guess....

Sat, Aug. 8th, 2009, 12:18 pm

Chloe Luna Huffman was born 7-31-09. she was 9 lbs 4 oz 19" long. pics at : http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=33194&id=1198562060&l=94feb06905
She has a full head of hair and looks like me. Lexi and her don't even look related! Lexi is all daddy and Chloe is all me.
I had to have a c-section cause she was a footling breach which means she was flipped upside down in me, but instead of being a normal breach she got her foot stuck in the birth canal and couldn't turn over at all. but it was lucky I had one cause when they got her out they realized the cord was wrapped around her neck, not once but twice. She'd have never survived a normal vaginal birth.

Sat, Mar. 21st, 2009, 02:32 pm

So strangely enough at 5 months pregnant... I am my lightest weight I've been in over 4 years. I can chalk it up to a combination of being sick allot this pregnancy, or better diabetes control, or some of both. It doesn't really show since my tummy's so big, but I'm about 30 lbs lighter then when I first got pregnant ( approx 5.2 lb loss per month ) but the baby's healthy and growing at a normal rate so there's no concern. I'm hoping after I have this kid it'll show more. BTW for anyone who didn't know yet from myspace or facebook... its a girl. :)

Mon, Mar. 2nd, 2009, 10:58 am

ok so I'm 4 months pregnant now. I hate being pregnant I was supposed to find out last week the sex but it was delayed now I find out march 10th. this pregnancy is so different from the first, it actually seems a lot harder. I'm so hoping this ones a boy.

nothing really new and exciting to update, just been working a lot. I got food poisoning last week and was hospitalized for a couple days. but I'm ok now.

Lexi Is Still in her terrible two's. she talks a lot more now, and man does she say some of the funniest shit sometimes.

thats all i got.

Wed, Jan. 14th, 2009, 09:17 am
due date update:

I got a more official due date now : August 11th, which is the second tuesday of the month ( Alexis was born the second tuesday of the month.... AND alexis's due date was 10-11 even though she was born 10-10. funny all the coincidences....

Wed, Dec. 3rd, 2008, 05:05 pm

pregnancy calendar

I'm 5 weeks, I'm due august 6th. btw for those who don't know Terry's birthday is August 1st....

That's the prospective Due date. I'll get a more solid date in a couple weeks.

Tue, Dec. 2nd, 2008, 08:29 am

yup. I'm knocked up.

I'm happy. I was kinda hoping to have just a little bit more space between kids, like if this news came in like 9 or 10 months, then I'd be even happier. I guess I'm just kinda scared that this baby is going to come and alexis isnt going to have outgrown her terrible twos yet, cause then things will suck. Add a little new baby jealousy into the angry confused frustrated violent tantrum phase, ugh.

Over all though I'm happy. I just found out I dont know how far along I am yet. I see a doctor tommarrow. Hoping for a boy this time!!!!

Fri, Nov. 7th, 2008, 09:01 am
the news sickens me.

I don't get why when Rodney King ( a black man) got beat down by three cops, there were riots in the streets, public distress, mass pandemonium, and yet yesterday I saw a clip on the news of a gay boy in Hollywood beat in the same fashion with bully clubs by three cops in front of a crowd of protesters (not fighting back, just covering his head and trying to get away) this boy was not causing any problems but was simply singled out by cops to set "an example" to a crowd of non violent protesters ( who have the constitutional right to protest, especially in a case where the demonstration is to uphold there constitutional and civil rights.) It pisses me off to no end to see such brutality, such unjust treatment, seriously it makes me want to puke.

so whats happening about it. nothing.
Its a 30 second clip of video footage and the news has given it no more then the typical < 1 minute highlight.... Not a head line, just a little dead line in between.

Has our country really become so numb over the last 20 years?
Or is our bias towards gays actually that much stronger then our age old racism issues in this country? strong enough to excuse or justify the same acts of hatred which enraged us not too long ago...

My god.

Thu, Oct. 9th, 2008, 09:45 pm
medical mystery continued.....

My doc called me YAY. not because the receptionist gave the message, because he got the test results from my first ER visit and the copy of the discharge and called to ask me if I'd had an asthma attack cause he didn't understand why he'd gotten EKG results with an asthma diagnosis on the discharge.

So I precede to tell him the whole story, from both ER trips. he called me after hours so couldnt see me then but has me coming in as soon as he gets in tommarrow, he's having me sent for an echo heart test and a stress test cause he said the blood pressure issues could be indicitive of a valve problem ( requires open heart surgery- and is a worst case sinerio ) but its more then likely either coronary or corroded heart disease. both of which are common and treatable, but depending on the severity could possibly also require surgery but less invasive then valve surgery, but if its mild and we catch it early could be fixed with pills.

Then, (here's the real kicker) My doctor proceeds to ask me, "why didn't you call me right away when all this started? " So without being a vindictive bitch and blowing up about all the BS I simply said I've been Leaving you messages since Tuesday morning. Although I could tell by his obviously aggravated grunt that the receptionist would be hearing an earful later.

I can see screening calls from people with a sniffle who are paranoid they have SARS or some such BS, But I told the receptionist both times I called I was having chest pains, Couldn't breath and had been in two ER's in as many days. That's life or death type of shit. I miss Barb ( my doctors usual receptionist ) I dunno if shes on vacation or what but I swear that place goes to hell when ever she isn't there.

So Off to the docs tommarrow. hopefully will get some answers.

Tommarrows Lexi's Birthday. She's 2. God it goes by so quickly. having a small backyard birthday party on Sunday 4-7 pm. mostly kids, but if anyone wants to stop by and celebrate with us, please do.

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